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War of Titans

Can you hear your enemies calling? Spread fear and terror throughout the land and become the strongest gladiator of all time. Travel to new cities and provinces and compete in action-packed duels and battles!
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1 Ellen  
The thing that amazes me is just how spilzaceied some of the students' computer knowledge is. Just looking at this report, it would be easy to assume that these digital natives all understand computers and know how to use them in detail. But teaching undergraduate courses like IT201 and IT365 has led me to realize that many of the students only know the most basic aspects of the software that they use for school or for personal use. Most know Facebook pretty well (though I don't know how well they know the privacy settings, etc), but some only know their way around one email service, and get confused using a different one (like Eagles mail). Most know the very basics of typing into Word, but for many, that's as far as it goes. I'm not saying that they are bad with computers: they're certainly no worse, and possibly better, than previous classes and generations.But just because they're digital natives doesn't mean they are digitally SKILLED.

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